Strategic Partners

Airlounge works in partnership with Aircraft Marketing Ltd. An American Company, established for more than 25 years, specialized in the sale of large business jets and counting with a wide global network to provide support to sales worldwide.

In 2006, Airlounge was appointed Edmiston Company’s exclusive Commercial Representative in Brazil; a world leader in sale, purchase, charter, management, design and assistance in the construction of large yachts.

In 2012, Airlounge became an official consultant to Leonardo Helicopters, one of the world´s largest helicopter manufacturers.

Airlounge has a comprehensive know-how and know-who of the industy, providing full on the acquisition process, until the aircraft is fully nationalized and delivered to the final destination – cross-border door to door.

Airlounge has currently a solid and stable global position, with a recognizable name in the aircraft and yacht industries.